The creation declares the creator!

    The Creation Declares the Glory of God     God               

The More We Know About the Creation, the More We Can Know About God!

Contrary to what Naturalists proclaim, the in depth study of science actually reveals more and more about God - in fact science was  initiated to learn more about the Creator!

How does the creation declare a creator?

Mankind has struggled for ages with the source and purpose of the things in the cosmos.   So how can we know?  We MUST use all our facilities available, if we want to get a complete answer.  We can observe the evidence that surrounds us, actually considering the creation itself utilizing our (physical) senses to study.  To that we must add our innate and metaphysical abilities (reasoning, logic, instinct, and desire) to separate the facts from the rhetoric and see what survives the inquiry and provides the most likely and complete answer.   (MORE)

so, are christians 'anti-science'?

Because a Christian may disagree with certain 'scientific' claims, such as things like the origin of the creation, evolution, or the age of the earth, are they saying that 'Science' is wrong and should not be studied by a Christian?  
In short - No.  

what is 'intelligent design' theory?

The Intelligent Design (ID) theory is a relatively recent proposition that has been around for hundreds of years (!), that declares that the creation exhibits an orderly fashion, that was evidently designed with a purpose.  (MORE)

What about evolutionary theory?

Evolution - to some degree - is a fact.  Microevolution is observed every day, and the evidence is obvious.  Macroevolution, on the other hand, is a theory that is essentially an extension of microevolution.  Many make the assumption (usually starting from the assumption that God does not or cannot exist) that all of life could be explained by these small changes, eventually culminating in large changes.  But there is no evidence of this type of evolution - indeed, the evidence is contrary to this!   (MORE)

what is the 'divine watchmaker' concept?

In short, this argument persuasively displays the inherent 'obviousness' we have when we come across something that seems to have design and purpose.  Upon discovering a watch, it is logical to assume that it did not occur by accident, and that it was placed there by a creator possessing intelligence.  And, when considering the incredible complexity of living organisms compared to a watch, the argument is even more persuasive.  (MORE)

what is the 'anthropic' principle?

Life as we know it exists in a 'perfectly tuned' universe, and a 'perfectly tuned' earth.  Now, only one of two options can explain this business of our cosmos being 'perfectly tuned'.  Either matter came from nothing, and by chance slowly evolved into man (Naturalism / Evolutionary Principles),  OR the cosmos was created specifically for life - humans - to exist within it (Anthropic Principle.)  In other words, the Anthropic Principle states that it is logical to assume that if this earth was created for humans to live upon, then it would be suited for that purpose.  (MORE)

but do any 'smart' scientists believe in the creation?

Many will attempt to win the argument with an 'ad hominem', attempting to win by putting down the arguer instead of focusing on the argument itself.  But this logical / debate error fails on its own weight!In fact, MANY respected Scientists believe that macro-evolution is false, and that the evidence points to a Creator!  ( MORE)

common disputes with skeptics

Here are some examples of common disputes a 'skeptic' may have with the Creation argument, including the "Lottery Paradox" and the "Eternal Monkey" question...  ( MORE)

what must i believe if i don't believe in a creator?

This is an interesting exercise, one that most people don't think to do.  What if a person does not believe that God created the heavens and the earth, etc.?  To put it another way, if you don't believe Christianity, you MUST believe the following:   ( MORE)