About God

Christian Doctrine    Let's Study About God - The Creator and Owner of the Universe!      

What is God?  What Can We Know About Him?

Let's Look Into the Depths of the Oldest Questions of Man - Questions About Our Creator, and in Doing So We Will Learn About the Purpose of Life

a summary of god's nature

To summarize, God is the Supreme Being.  He is the First Cause, and He is the Standard by which all is measured. Although He is Transcendent, He is also Personal and able to be with us.  Logic tells us (through Natural Theology and Natural Revelation) that a being with these attributes must exist.  In order to begin our study of God's plan, we need to be aware of the basis of His nature...  (MORE)

the holiness of god

'Holy' is not a common word - it is a word that is reserved to describe God alone.  Because it is so limited in use, it is hard to understand.  Some define holy as 'good', or as 'sinless'.  While there is a level of truth to these types of descriptions, it is far from the ultimate meaning of the word.  The best way to think of the full potential of the description, is that Holy IS God.  It is what He is.  It is His nature  (MORE)

God is love

God is a 'person' in the sense that He has 'personality', a thinking and deciding nature, and most importantly, a LOVING nature.  It is only in with a healthy understanding of God's nature (that He is a Holy, Transcendent Being with incalculable wrath against dissent that also loves and desires more than anything that we be reconciled to Him to experience the life that was intended for us) that we can understand that this being is worthy of our worship.  (MORE)

God is truth

In our postmodern times, it is popular to think that all things are equally true.  Buddhism is true for some, Hinduism is true for some, and Christianity is true for some in this age.  Of course, like the Christian, the Hindu believes Hindu doctrine is true, and thusly cannot agree with the Postmodernist, just as the Christian cannot believe.  This dilemma fits for many.  It seems that perhaps the person who wants to believe whatever he wants to believe is the only person who claims that there is no truth.  If he is wrong, then the truth will eventually catch up to him and prove him wrong.  But HOW can we know what the TRUTH is?   (MORE)

God is Omni...

We know that God is the 'unlimited being', or the ultimate goal of the striving of our intellect and our will.  Thus His essence is His existence, and perfection is His nature.  But because He is infinite and we are finite, we can only consider His nature in terms we can understand. (MORE)