tackling some of the hard questions

          Lets THINK about these hard questions...

There are many misconceptions about Christianity.  Some of the most common questions and issues are discussed below.   Let's think some of these things through.

is christianity relevant today?

I believe this is perhaps the most dangerous false idea about Christianity.  The Charges: "Christianity was great for the folks 2000 years ago who didn't know better!"  "Science has dis-proven the 'fables' of Christianity."  "Christianity is a crutch for those who cannot take care of themselves, or who need something to hope for because they have too many failures or troubles in their lives."  "Times have changed, and Christianity is out of date."  Whatever the charge, a very popular sentiment in our time is that "Christianity Is Not Relevant To Our Modern Lives Today!" (MORE)

The biggest mistake christians make is...

Well obviously, this is a subjective opinion!  Other folks may believe that something else is a bigger mistake, but surely this one fits up there pretty high on many people's list.  My guess is that many Christian's are making this very mistake and don't even realize it!  (And this is one of the reason's I think it is the worst one!)  OK - here it is:  I believe that the biggest mistake Christian's make is that they tend to be too 'religious'!  (MORE)

and the biggest mistake non-christians make is...

We've discussed a big mistake that Christians make, so its now only fair to talk about a big mistake that non-believers make.  If you are a non-believer, please consider fairly whether you have been guilty of this mistake, and think about what you ought to do about it.  This mistake is committed, I think, mainly by those non-believers in Western cultures - indeed, I believe it is a product of our Western culture.  Here it is: We are raised these days, and influenced heavily, to believe that Christians are ignorant.  (MORE)

how can a good and loving god allow suffering to exist?

Known as "The Problem Of Evil", this issue is considered to be possibly the oldest, most perplexing issue when it comes to 'thinking' about God and His nature or existence.  Many questions regarding evil and God comprise this issue, but all are known under the guise of 'The Problem Of Evil".  The answers to the Problem of Evil are known as 'Theodicy', which literally means "God Justified", (meaning God is justified despite the existence of evil).  Here is a summary of the issues and their well-considered Theodicy's (answers to the problems of evil), presented by theologians and philosophers over the centuries.  (MORE)

how could a loving god send someone to hell for eternity?

"God is love!  Therefore God doesn't want anyone to suffer, much less for ETERNITY?!  Besides, it seems like incredible overkill - a terrible punishment for all eternity, for something that happened in a short span of time that doesn't compare to eternity!  I could never love or respect a being that would condemn someone to such a hideous punishment just because we 'disobeyed', or didn't 'worship' Him properly.  How selfish and cruel of God!"  This argument is almost exactly (as well as I can remember) the words of a friend who simply could not accept Christianity because of this difficulty alone.  Her problem, however, is with her understanding of God, and of the nature of Hell.  (MORE)

how can christians claim that jesus is the 'only way' to god?

The Objection:  "Christians sure are arrogant and intolerant of other 'religions'!"  "How could anyone be so insensitive to believe that they are 'right' and everyone else is 'wrong'?!"  "There must be many paths to God, because there are so many different 'religions.'"  'Who is to say that Jesus was the one and only Messiah?' (MORE)

isn't everything true (or relative)?

The Objection:  How can you claim that Christianity is the only way?!  How can you say that someone is wrong?  Everyone has the right to decide for themselves what is right or wrong!  You're being intolerant and hateful when you say your way is the only way, because "Everything Is Relative".  (MORE)

what about people who have never heard of jesus?  are they 'lost' forever?

Christians claim that Jesus is the 'only way' to reconciliation with God.  But there must be MANY people who have never heard of Him, either because they lived in a part of the world where they would have had no chance to hear of Him, or they lived in a time that communication was not like it is today.  So are these people 'doomed to Hell' just because they did not have the chance to hear, much less accept, Jesus as Savior and Lord?  (MORE)

can meaning exist apart from god?

Without God, we are an accidental byproduct of nature.  Death is all we can look forward to, and whatever we gain in life will be gone, with no memory of it in the end.  The whole universe will eventually collapse upon itself, and everything that exists will be dead, ruined, and with nothing or no one to care what ever happened in our comparatively short period of existence.  Compared to the infinite lengths of time that will exist after the death of our universe, our existence becomes insignificant and ultimately meaningless, because we will end in nothing. (MORE)

why should i begin my spiritual journey considering christianity?

Some seekers feel they must compare the different 'religions' to see which one 'works'.  While this may be exactly the best means to discover 'Truth', it is certainly in keeping with the consumer-mentality that we have in Western culture.  For those who feel they must pursue this route, Christianity provides an excellent starting place.  There are several reasons that a seeker should consider Christianity first:  (MORE)