questions About the holy spirit

Christian Doctrine    Let's Study the Nature of the Holy Spirit - the Third Member of the Holy Trinity      

What is the 'Holy Spirit'?  What Can We Know About Him?

This 'Third Person of the Trinity' is sometimes the most misunderstood...

what is the holy spirit?

Sometimes referred to as the 'Holy Ghost', this third person of the Trinity is perhaps the least understood.  These mysterious names might help contribute to the confusion, but they are intended to actually help our understanding.  Most importantly, the Holy Spirit is God and therefore has all the nature of God.  (MORE)

what does the holy spirit do?

The Holy Spirit has one essential task: to bear witness to mankind of the Father and the Son.  The Holy Spirit brings us, in our fallen state, to a place where we seek, see, and accept God and Christ as Lord:   (MORE)

how and when does one 'receive' the holy spirit?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and debated doctrines of the Holy Spirit is when He is evident in the Christian's life.  Some Christian sects believe that the Holy Spirit comes upon a person some time after they have been saved, and that this is evidenced by special signs (speaking in tongues, etc.), similar to what the early church experienced at Pentecost.  But is this true?  (MORE)