An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

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Apologetics and Doctrine go hand in hand - they are two sides of the same coin.  

Doctrine describes WHAT we believe, and Apologetics confirms WHY we believe.  Apologetics therefore covers a vast amount of subjects, from the belief in God to the facts behind the Bible's existence.  An obedient Christian will study Apologetics in order to bolster his faith, AND to prepare to answer questions about his faith.  Here are some introductory summaries of common Apologetics questions...

what is apologetics?

We're not apologizing!  ‘An apologetic’ is just a fancy way to say ‘a defense.’  Christians are clearly expected to be prepared to give this defense of their faith in any situation.  The most obvious command for an apologetic (a defense of our faith) is 1 Peter 3:15b.  So, the study of Apologetics is the study of the defenses of the Christian faith.   (MORE)

but isn't 'faith' just a blind leap?

Faith has received a bad rep lately.  In modern times faith has come to be synonymous with belief, or even worse, with ‘blind acceptance.’  It is now usually accepted that 'having faith' is something a person does in the absence of evidence, or even despite evidence of to the contrary.  People 'with faith' are ridiculed as having less intelligence than those who accept beliefs based upon 'evidences.'  But in truth, all knowing requires faith.    (MORE)

if i can't know for sure, should i just remain an 'atheist' or 'skeptic'?

All believers believe, but no believer makes the assertion that proof of God is tangible.  This is the essence of faith - why ‘believers’ are called ‘believers.’  Evidence for God is everywhere, if we're looking for it, but there does not exist direct, indisputable 'proof' that many think they must have in order to 'believe'.  With all the evidences for God that we will investigate, and the awful alternative to God's existences, It is easy to see why David said that  "The fool has said in his heart there is no God."   (MORE)

isn't christianity just a 'crutch' for weak people?

Sigmund Freud called this condition 'wish fulfillment'.  Napoleon credited Christianity as the 'opiate of the masses' - which is useful to those in power as a means to keep the people suppressed, as they look forward to 'pie in the sky in the bye and bye' while they suffer under tyranny in the present.  Are these proofs against the truth of Christianity?  (MORE)

Rules for logical discussion

Sigmund    Napolanity?   (MORE)