An Introduction to Christian doctrine

Christian Doctrine    Jesus is central to Christian Doctrine      

Christians are 'People of the Creed'...

...and Creeds are our Doctrines - the written down and definitive statements of what we believe.  What we believe is VERY important, because it dictates how we live our lives, AND because we are called upon by God to 'correctly handle the word of Truth.'     "Study, to show thyself approved unto God."  2 Timothy 2:15

why should we study doctrine?

What we think dictates the way we live.  What you believe determines who you are and what you do.  It drives your every move, thought, decision, action and reaction.  It determines how you view life and the things around you.  It is your worldview, your doctrine.  In short, everyone has a doctrine, so we better make sure we know what it is we believe and why!   (MORE)

A summary of the major historical creeds

In the years following Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension, the early church documented the beliefs and commitments they had to each other and to Christ.  The Creed's are the result of that documentation, and they exist intact to this day.   (MORE)

an overview of Christian doctrine like you've probably never heard before!

Too many people know us by 'what we're against'.    Most people, even many Christians, don't really understand what Christianity is all about.   See if this seems familiar to you, and tell me what you think about it...   (MORE)