About jesus

Christian Doctrine    Jesus is the Son of God - and the CENTER of your life, whether you know it or not!      

Who Is Jesus Really?
He is the 'Apotheosis' - the Ultimate Man.  
When we want to know what God is like, all we have to do is look to Jesus...

jesus is fully god and fully man - a 'hypostatic' union

There are several paradoxes within Christian orthodoxy, and one of them is the claim that Jesus has two natures; that He is 100% God and 100% Man.  How is this possible?  What is the evidence for this claim in the Bible?  Can we, or should we believe this claim?  Does the fact that it appears absurd on the surface lead us to the conclusion that Christian Doctrine is in error?  As confusing as the claim is, it is one of the most important within Christian doctrine...  (MORE)

jesus is the christ

Did Jesus Really Claim to be God?.  This is a most outrageous claim - so outrageous that it is popular today to assert that He did not actually claim it!  But lets look at the direct evidence; and lets also look at what His followers believed and proclaimed about Him.  There can be no doubt that Jesus, and His followers, believed He is God!    (MORE)

jesus rose from the dead

The foundation of the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus of Nazareth arose from the dead.  Upon this claim rests the the entire hope of the faith.  If the resurrection did not happen, then Christianity is a farce!    (MORE)

jesus fulfilled ancient prophecy

God used the ancient Prophets to talk to all people, and that these words have been passed on to us in the 'Bible.'  We learned that God has had a plan to provide reconciliation back to Him, and He described the signs and wonders to look for in order to find this Chosen One who will bring that reconciliation.  Lets analyze how Jesus of Nazareth has fulfilled just a few of these ancient prophecies...   (MORE)