Stories of Inspiration - Kris Allen

    Kris Allen - American Idol and Inspiration!

      American Idol - and Worship Leader!

Kris Allen - winner of Americal Idol Season 8 - is also a Christian Worship Leader!  Kris is the worship leader at New Life Church in Maumelle, Ark.  In fact, he was one of TWO Christian Worship Leaders to reach the final three of that year's American Idol Season -  Danny Gokey, who was eliminated in the next to last week, is a worship leader at Faith Builders International Church in Milwaukee.

The Arkansas Times reports that "He's the most awesome Christian," and that his win was a "God thing." 

How's this for influencing the culture:  Even MTV News reports that 

"Christian music has always had this cheesy label attached to it, and this shows that a Christian singer can have artistic integrity and they are people who can really sing."  

And here's even more from MTV:  

"Even if contestants don't come out and say it, we can all spot someone [who is Christian]. The more that there are contestants that we can connect with — who we can say, 'That person is like me' — the more it will probably help drive viewership this year," Brokaw said, pointing to a moment on Tuesday's performance show when the judges praised Allen for helping other contestants work on their songs, which Brokaw said brought a knowing nod from Christians who know of his church background.

"We see what kind of person he is, and if you talk to people in his church they'll say they're not surprised." Brokaw said. "But people who don't know that he's a worship leader or actively involved in a Christian church might say, 'Why is he doing that? This is a competition!' Those are the values people want. We love it as much as anyone when Simon gets snarky, but watching a contestant perform with integrity and treating fellow contestants with grace and dignity speaks to us."

PRAISE GOD for the talent that he has given Kris - and for Kris' willingess to show the world that even Christians 'can sing'!

Watch this video of Kris performing the wonderful Praise Song "Tower"