the doctrine of man

Christian Doctrine    The Purpose of Man is to Glorify God!      

What is the  Purpose of Man?  Or - More to the Point - What is the Purpose of Life?

what is the purpose of man?

Mankind was created to bring Glory to God.  God the Creator, creates to bring himself 'Glory'.  He created because that is what a Creator does, and He created man so that He could express His Loving nature by giving.  (MORE)

what does 'made in the image of god' mean?

We are an image, in the sense that we are a 'reflection' of God.  Like our reflection in a mirror, the image is not an exact duplicate of ourselves, but it resembles us.  It is not us in the mirror, but a likeness.  We have qualities, reflected in finite terms, of the God who created us.  This gift to us is a tremendous gift, and it enables us to seek and to commune with Him.  (MORE)

what is the nature of man?

Is a man (and a woman) more than just an animal?  Is there more to us than just a body, made up of flesh, bone, blood and organs?  When a person dies, does the essence of him disappear, and all that he was degrades back to dust?  Or is there something within a person that is a separate entity from the body?  Does mankind have a soul, or a spirit? (MORE)

why did god make male and female?

Is Christianity sometimes has the burden of a false image regarding the treatment of women.  Some feel that the Bible prescribes men to 'rule' over, or to dominate women.  Nothing could be further from the truth! (MORE)

what is sin?

To 'sin' is to ignore or diminish God's nature.  We do this most often by placing our own nature in the place of God's.  We become more important to ourselves than He is to us.  (MORE)