There are many online study resources!

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Online Bible Resources: 

Bible Gateway - Provides a nice search feature with many translations and lots of additional information.


NET Bible - The New English Translation


Bible Crosswalk - Another nice search feature with many versions online, includes Strong's numbers!


Parallel Comparison - From the folks at Crosswalk - compare texts of two different translations!

Bible - TONS of Bible information, history, maps, geography, timelines, etc etc etc


Public Domain Dictionaries:

Baker Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - From the folks at Crosswalk - one of the finest Dictionaries in use today!


Public Domain Commentaries: 

Crosswalk Commentaries - Many public domain commentaries, including Scofield's notes and Wesley's notes!


Public Domain Concordances: 

Crosswalk Concordances - Many public domain concordances, including Nave's and Strong's.


Bible Study Software: - A nice, basic system with many resources and a good search engine.  FREE! - A nice tool to work with original languages, many versions and reference materials


Logos - The cream of the crop (high end)!  $150 - $600.


Greek / Hebrew Information: 

Lexicon- From, enter a word and determine the Greek or Hebrew meaning/equivalent


Foreign Language Versions: 

Text available in MANY different languages, provided from the Bible Gateway folks