proving the existence of god

          Creator God

The subject of God is the most widely published discussion in history because "More consequences for thought and action follow the affirmation or denial of God than from answering any other basic question."  

    Mortimer Adler; The Great Ideas: A Synopicon of Great Books of the Western World.

why belief in god is as easy as "a-b-c"

95% of the people in the world admit to a ‘belief’ in a ‘God.’  Perhaps it's because it's SO obvious?!  (MORE)

our human nature needs and pursues after god

Thomas Aquinas described the condition of mankind when he said “There is within every soul a thirst for happiness and meaning.”   Since the dawn of time, mankind has pursued fulfillment of that thirst with everything imaginable.  The existence of this personality trait in ALL cultures is a compelling reason for us to believe in God – this indicates a common denominator need in all humans, that would clearly be there if the assumption of the Creator of the Universe searching for us were true.  He left in us an indicator of His character!!   (MORE)

philosophical proofs for god

An examination of some logical deductions prove that the existence of God is far from an illogical fantasy, and gives the thinking person more of a case to consider the God of Creation.  The following are ages old thought patterns pursued by eminent philosophers, scientists, skeptics and even atheists in a sincere attempt to answer this most important of questions.   (MORE)

where did god come from?

Why is there anything, instead of nothing?  One of the philosophical reasons to believe in God is the Cosmological Argument, which explains that everything must have a cause...and the initial cause for everything is a being which we call "God".  Anything other than this explanation requires an infinite regress (essentially that everything has always existed) for which there is no evidence.  Assuming one accepts the notion of a first cause, it begs the question, "what caused God?"
But the answer within the Cosmological Argument gives us the answer to this question also!   (MORE)

why does god hide - why doesn't he show himself?

Why Doesn't God Just Make Himself Obvious To Us? The questions about evidences usually come about because some people just 'cannot believe' unless there is 'clear evidence.'  But consider this - what would it take for you to believe?  Would it take a miracle, or a divine announcement?   (MORE)