Christian Doctrine    Salvation is by Grace thru Faith in Christ alone!      

Salvation is the Greatest Gift Ever!  But What Does that Mean?

what is salvation?

The need for Salvation comes from the unreachable distance we have between ourselves  (imperfection) and the perfect (God).  But it is not something we can do for ourselves - It is a gift from Him!  Praise God for His love and mercy to us, for His gift of grace and of redemption - His Salvation plan for us!  (MORE)

salvation by faith

Faith in Jesus as the Christ is the definition of Christianity.  But what is FAITH?  Is it another word for 'BELIEF?"  NO!!  The most common misunderstanding of faith is translating it into meaning only "BELIEF."   But it goes far beyond just 'mere acceptance' of an ideal, or a creed.  In short, it is LIVING TRUST. (MORE)

a little more about faith

Faith is evident in our everyday living - EVERYONE exercises 'faith' EVERYDAY!  Knowing that faith is more than just 'believing', in this context, faith is the basis of what we make decisions on everyday.  So in effect, we ALL have a LIVING FAITH!  (MORE)

What is Grace?

A well known mnemonic describing Grace is "God's Reconciliation At Christ's Expense."  What does this mean?  In short, grace means 'GIFT'.  After we realize that it is our nature is to focus on ourselves instead of God, we then find that God provides the means (gift of Grace) to bring us back to Him.  When we realize that nothing we can ever do ever approach the majesty of God, we then realize that God provides the means (gift of Grace) again, to reconcile us to Him (MORE)

What do i do to be saved?

"When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?"  Acts 2:37  (MORE)