are there any smart scientists who believe in a Creator?

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There are MANY respected Scientists who believe that the evidencs leads toward believe in a Creator! 

It seems that the first thing that an Evolutionist will do in his debate with a Creationist is to let him know that Creationism is not 'science' and that Creationists in general are deluded and 'wrong'.  To a person who is trying to reconcile their beliefs with the 'scientific' world, this is very discouraging to hear.  But we must understand that the Evolutionist is essentially saying 'if they don't agree with us, then they're wrong'.  Clearly this is a logical flaw.  A Creationist can bolster their confidence, knowing that there are MANY prominent scientists who are also Creationists.

The Creation Event   Lets split some hairs here.  First, the Big Bang can be seen as a 'creation event'.  And there are MANY proponents to that theory.  Essentially (and concisely), the Big Bang itself made quite a big bang when it came on the scene, because the traditional scientific explanation of beginnings assumed that the universe was ALWAYS here (the steady state model).  That explanation, while not intuitive, sure made a lot of folks happy in that they needed to explain no purpose or beginning for the universe. 

But then a lot of smart folks began proposing that in fact, like everything else, evidence seems to proclaim that the universe had a beginning also!  Hence, the BIG bang!  Here are a few of the scientists who agree that the universe had a beginning, which is synonymous with a 'creation event'.

Summary  While I could list the many scientists here, I chose instead to include links to their names and their work on the web.  Enjoy!

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