questions About the trinity

Christian Doctrine    The Trinity - God's Transcendence and Immanence Displayed!      

What is the Trinity?  Is it Biblical?

One thing is sure - this is a hard concept to understand - but we can be assured that the concept is solidly Biblical...

what exactly is the trinity?

The doctrine of the Trinity is seemingly simple:  One God is three persons (tri-unity; or three-in-oneness).  As Christians we believe this because of the way the Bible presents God to us.  The Bible presents God as the Father, it presents God as the Son, and it presents God as a Spirit.  Each of these are referred to as a person in the Bible, and each of the persons of the 'Godhead' speaks to and references the others as a separate person.  Yet the Bible also clearly tells us that there is only ONE God!  (MORE)

let's see the biblical evidence for the trinity

Even though the word 'Trinity' never appears in the Bible, the evidence presented in the Bible confirms the concept of the Trinity.  The Old Testament, as well as the Apostles and Christ Himself, declare that there are three distinct persons, in One God.  (MORE)

but this is a hard concept to grasp!!??

The concept of the Trinity is another of the paradoxical doctrines within Christianity.  By definition, a paradox can be something that is understandable yet not understandable at the same time.  Is this a problem?  No - especially when something finite (us) is trying to understand the infinite (God), we should in fact EXPECT paradoxes!  Personally I would be concerned with any explanation of the infinite that made sense!  (MORE)