what must i believe if i do not believe in a creator?

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This is an Interesting Exercise, One That Most People Don't Think to Do...

What if a person does not believe that God created the heavens and the earth, etc.?  To put it another way, if you don't believe Christianity, you MUST believe the following: 

1)  You must believe that your capacities for logical thinking and rational decision making emerged from randomness.  If this is so, then how can we KNOW that our logical facilities are reliable?  Indeed, there is NO scientific evidence for the 'evolution' of 'thought', or of 'logic'.

2)  Speaking of science:  Many people accept that the scientific method is the only reliable basis for believing something to be true.  But indeed, how do we know this assertion to be true?  Surely science cannot prove it!  That would be a circular argument - using science to prove science is the source of truth.  Hence, we cannot know FOR SURE that science is the ONLY way to prove truth.  Clearly we could miss something then, if we only rely on science.  Besides, by definition science can only answer questions relating to NATURE, not the SUPERNATURAL. 

3)  You must believe that something can come from nothing.  In fact, you must believe that EVERYTHING came from nothing!  You must believe this, despite the fact that there is absolutely NO evidence of anything that comes from nothing. 

4)  You must believe, despite the EVERYDAY evidence that everything has a cause, that 'everything' we see in front of us inevitably had no cause at its beginning.  Clearly, another example of an unprovable belief.  (The interesting theories that 'scientists' come up with to counter these problems are quite amusing.  For instance, the most popular belief at this time is either that the universe has always existed, or that there are an infinite number of universes.  Both are completely unprovable - all they do is simply prove that some will believe almost anything, despite the evidences to the contrary, in order to be able to 'not' believe in a God!)

5)  If these seen to be too philosophical, consider this one:  You must believe that mankind, and everything in the world, evolved from 'air'.  This is known as 'molecules to man evolution'.  And despite what is conventionally accepted about 'macro-evolution' (there is no dispute over 'micro-evolution'), there is absolutely NO evidence for it!

Seems quite a stretch doesn't it?  For me, these are reasons alone to begin looking at alternatives.  This is one strong reason that 'Christianity is the only faith system that makes sense'!